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1 Kg Sugar Price in Kerala

Latest Price

1 KG Sugar Price

  * This is an average price in Kerala

Price History (1 KG Sugar Price)

Date Price
14-Aug-2014  Rs. 34.00
14-Jun-2014  Rs. 33.00
04-Apr-2014  Rs. 35.00
27-Feb-2014  Rs. 31.00
31-Aug-2013Rs. 38.00
31-Jul-2013Rs. 37.50

1 kg Sugar Price in Kerala

Latest 3 1 KG Sugar Price History
Rs. 34.00/KgRs. 33.00/KgRs. 35.00/Kg

Price Chart

Price History Datewise

Date (Historical)Price
14-Aug-2014 Rs. 34.00/Kg
14-Jun-2014 Rs. 33.00/Kg
04-Apr-2014 Rs. 35.00/Kg
27-Feb-2014 Rs. 31.00/Kg
31-Aug-2013Rs. 38.00/Kg
31-Jul-2013Rs. 37.50/Kg

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